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Cool Green Ninjago LEGO Minifigure Halloween Costume

I can’t take credit for the idea, this was my son’s doing. He wanted to be the green ninja from Ninjago but had to have the Lego Minifigure block version. I looked online and found nothing I could buy and he said ” Mommy your amazing, I just know you can make this for me”.  Well with a request like that from my darling 6 year old what else was I to do?

I started to plan mentally as I walked through the isles of the stores in the following weeks and collected boxes. Then the work began. Cutting and taping and molding until the project was complete. Once the costume was done we took it for the real test to the Lego store where we were treated like celebrities and there were camera flashes from every direction. The best part for me was hearing my little boy say ” Mommy you did it , I look amazing and now everyone knows your just as amazing as I think you are!!!” I have made his costumes every year and each year his encouragement keeps me going. Hope you all enjoy this costume as much as we have !

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