Cool Female Rufio Lost Boys Costume

I am big into Halloween and always am looking to do something new and different each year. I decided to be Rufio because not only is Hook an amazing movie, but he is such an iconic character of my childhood.

The best part? I was able to show him pictures of my costume at Comic-Con and he was blown away and took a photo with me!

I began by buying a leather jacket to cut off the sleeves and leather fabric to make the loin cloth. I cut various strips into the material then threaded on wooden beads that were bought at the craft store.

To pull the look together I wore a red pair of leggings with shredded black leggings over it paired with combat boots.

On top I wore a skull cut-out shirt backwards so you could see the image on my chest along with the vest and the loin cloth.

Finally, I know Rufio has iconic hair but there was no way that was going to happen for me. Instead I wore feather earrings, braided my hair and made a red stripe across my eyes.

This was so much fun to wear and getting feedback from the actual character was priceless!