Homemade Female Rufio Costume

I made this  female Rufio costume my first year of law school. I was in desperate need of a creative outlet, and I have always loved Halloween. I’m not a fantastic seamstress, so I started scouring local thrift shops and fabric stores for the pieces that I would need.

My list of materials is as follows:

  • Target: Black Lame leggings
  • Goodwill: Black T-shirt
  • Plato’s Closet: Vinyl Jacket; jewelry; tan fuzzy scarf
  • Joanne’s: Red fabric for the contrast fabric; wooden beads; plastic bones; Velcro; flower arranging materials that were on sale; hot glue.
  • Boots that I owned

The Process:

Basically I eyeballed the costume from pictures that I found online. I created the jacket by cutting up the one I had bought, lining it with red fabric, ripping that up, and then threading wooden beads onto the sleeves. I hand stitched the bones onto the shoulders and chest. For the plumage, I arranged the flowers I had bought and wrapped them with Velcro. I ran a stripe of Velcro down the inside of the jacket for security. For the collar, I cut up a tan scarf I had found and hot glued it to the existing collar. I then hot glued leaves onto it.

I made the little loin cloth by cutting out two red fabric pieces, ripping them, and then beading bones and wooden beads to the ends of the strips.

The boots I had and just tied on left over strips of red fabric.



Homemade Female Rufio Costume

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  1. Do you have anymore photos? I have a Peter Pan Party to Attend in a couple weeks and wanted to try Rufio :)

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