Coolest Homemade Rufio from Hook Costume

This is a Rufio from Hook Costume I made for a roommate, so it is him in the pictures and not myself.

Materials: It was made mostly of clothes from the thrift store:
Black pants, cheapest leather jacket we could find, red mohawk wig (the best treasure found at the thrift store), black shirt.
Some craft materials from Michaels or other various stores:
twine, feathers, bamboo poles, plastic sword, coconut, spray paint, newspaper, red fabric, tooth necklaces, black shirt, cardboard, thinnest PVC pipe – a foot in length give or take

We cut the sleeves off the jacket, ripped out the lining, and cut it short like in Hook. Also, we cut the forearm of the gloves short and cut the finger tips off. Cut up red fabric so it dangles and stitched it on above the knees and crotch area of the pants (still allowing functional use of the pants – very important) and onto the former sleeve seams of the jacket. We popped the collar (with cardboard) and stitched cut bamboo poles onto it until it would stand up and then stuck feathers into it and painted the bamboo tips red

We lucked out on the wig. I cut the skin-colored rubber off the edges and then cut it into 3 strips and we bobby-pinned it in his hair.

The bones were rolled up newspaper rolls and masking tape balls we stuck together and paper mached, then spray painted white and strung together and into holes put in the pants and jacket with twine.

The sword was a side project. I bought a plastic knight sword and cut it above the hilt and about a forearms length down the blade, throwing away the rest – basically leaving two parts. spray paint the blade reflective gold. Cut a coconut in half and cleaned it out and drilled holes into it. To put it all together I crammed the thin PVC pipe (maybe 1/2″ width i think) until it stuck into the blade and put the bamboo on it and then put the sword handle onto the remainder of the pipe stuffing it with whatever i could – paper, etc. electric-taped it together and then wrapped a lot of twine on the handle.

A little bit of face paint, and some tooth necklaces and it earned some free drinks, a lot of “RU-FI-OOO” chants, some rooster crows, and a lot of camera flashes.

Homemade Rufio from Hook Costume

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