This costume is part of a couples costume I made for my BF & I (and our dog who was Stinkerbell!). I’d wanted to be Rufio for 2 years now and actually started both of these costumes in July and worked on them simultaneously! It actually took a decent amount of work and lots of Goodwill trips to pull it together.

It started with the easy parts: red leggings, black jeans ripped up, pleather jacket with the sleeves removed and black t-shirt. I cut the bottom off the t shirt and used it for the loincloth and fringing.

A set of wooden bead napkin holders were disassembled and used for the fringe. The bones came from Party City and already conveniently had holes to string them together and I thought the bamboo armor on the back really worked with the Lost Boys look (I didn’t want to spend more on more little bones).

I made the tusk necklace from clay and soaked them in coffee to get an antique look.  I really wish I had gotten a good shot of my necklace turned the right way, it was a big, solid silver piece that worked well as Rufio’s necklace.

The most difficult, not just tedious, part was actually the bamboo collar. How those rods kept weaving themselves through my ponytail, I’ll never know! I cut the staggered size rods, spaced them equally apart and wrapped a strip of duct tape around the rod ends and sewed the duct tape ‘hem’ to the collar of the jacket. I took a couple of artistic liberties with the Rufio look, such as only putting my hair up in a single quaff and ponytail and only spraying the center red, but when Dave & I entered the party, it was MAGICAL! These are probably the best costumes I have ever made and possibly ever will make! We’ll remember this Halloween forever!