I’m a nut for Halloween. My  kids say I go over the top but I’ll let you be the judge. I started with the idea for the hair.  I decided that a bright red wigs found at a thrift store  would  work.  Next I bought 36 rubber snakes.  Attaching them was more difficult.  I  cut wire coat hangers and  glued the snakes to 3″ pieces.  The formed longer pieces around  my head and created a wire foundation.  The snakes were pushed through the wigs and spot welded to the frame. For the makeup, I couldn’t make up my mind so I did 3 different designs. The first was white and black with real snake shedded skin on my face.  The second I wanted scales so I used liquid latex and corn flakes with green paint.  The third idea I took a mesh laundry bag and painted a snake pattern on it.  I then used latex to adhere it to my face and neck.  I had the most outrageous reaction to the mesh bag face.  Guess it didn’t hurt that I dressed up and rode my motorcycle to the party.  I lost track of the number of people that took my picture. My family and friends are very supportive and all Sat for me to torture them with everything  from oatmeal to burlap. My boyfriend made the best Frankenstein.  I took an old suit and filled the shoulders with expanding foam for size.  I added 5″ to his 6′ 3″ fframe by using his old boots and cutting several layers from old Styrofoam coolers. Then I duct taped it together and sprayed black rubber coating over them.

So,  here’s my gang.  I hope you like them