My 7 year old son loves to play the Claw game! He wins a prize every time. He even prefers his allowance to be in quarters so that he can play. So when asked what do you wanna be for Halloween this year, he said inside the Claw Machine! So we decided to make it Halloween themed!

We used cardboard and fabric and plastic for the machine. Foam and birthday tiaras torn apart for the claw. A v smile remote took apart and painted for the control stick. We went to Walmart, took pictures of the parts of the machine, printed out and placed. We used a backpack and zip, tied it to the inside, placed foam as a base to fill with Halloween decor!

We painted his face and hair and made his night! Kids kept wanting to play it and a kid tried to put a dollar in it! We also put lights in it to help the effect! This costume was not the easiest to move around in, but Gauge loved every second of being inside the Claw Machine!