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Cool DIY White Claw Machine Costume

This White Claw Machine costume was a fun costume to make, minus the multiple hot glue gun burns or my 3am frustrations. The best part about it was drinking the white claws so I had the empty cans to utilize. This part was my favorite and is also what probably lead to so many hot glue gun burns.

I started with a $2 XL box from Home Depot. Then stared at it for the next four days wondering how the hell I’d get that to stay on me, let alone sit above my head.

I cut a square shape in the front and two sides. Then, I painted it completely white. The straps were the hardest, but I ended up doing two straps that went straight across so that when I got into the box the straps just rested against my shoulders. The rest was fairly easy.

I added vinyl material that I got from Joann’s to give the illusion of a glass screen just as a real claw machine would have. I bought $6 led battery lights and taped them in the front window. The rest was mainly decorating.

I also glued a few empty cans to the vinyl on the sides of me so that it looked like I was surrounded by white claws. I dressed as a white claw myself.

The claw was simple to make. I used a cheap head massager thing I had laying around and then covered it in duct tape so it had a silver look. I hot glued an empty white claw can in the claw’s grasp which was the perfect finishing touch.

Overall, this was my favorite costume. Everyone loved it and it was the prefect costume to protect me and others during COVID. I got so many compliments and won a virtual costume contest. Even though this Halloween was a lot different than normal, I still got to make a bad ass costume which is my favorite part of Halloween!

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