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Coolest DIY Claw Machine Halloween Costume

Ever since I was little I have always loved the Claw Machine game so this year I decided that I want a Homemade DIY Claw Machine Halloween Costume. I started by purchasing 4 sheets of 24”x18” plexiglass and three 8’x 3/4” x 3/4” sections of angled aluminum. I framed up the 4 sheets of plexiglass into a claw like box without a top or bottom. I used rivets to attach the aluminum to the plexiglass.

I put two slits in the top front and two slits in the top back of the aluminum in order to attach the elastic straps which held the weight of the costume. I purchased a black petticoat skirt from Wal-Mart and hot glued the perimeter of each of the 4 layers to the bottom of the plexiglass box (it adhered to the aluminum). The skirt went around my waist in order to keep the stuffed animals in when I removed the costume and I hot glued each animal to the skirt for extra reassurance.

I used 2 sections of 8.5’ aluminum to make a support for my “Super Claw” sign. I riveted one section to each corner of the box. The sign was made out of black matte board and I outlined each letter with glue and covered it with silver glitter. I attached the sign to the aluminum with more rivets. I used battery operated lights to illuminate the inside of the box which I hot glued to the upper perimeter. I created the claw by twisting together several dozen metallic silver pipe cleaners I attached it with a black phone cord and hung it from the inside of the box.

I purchased a PACman joy stick from Wal-Mart and removed the power cord in order to attached it to the front. I riveted that to the front. I purchased 3 yards of black satin fabric and glued it around the outer perimeter of the box to create the illusion that I was in the booth. I used metallic silver fabric down the corners of the black fabric so it looked like the aluminum continued down. I used the same silver fabric to make a circular ‘prize hole’.

And that is how I created the Coolest Homemade Claw Machine.

Homemade DIY Claw Machine Halloween Costume

Homemade DIY Claw Machine Halloween Costume

Homemade DIY Claw Machine Halloween Costume

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