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150+ Cool DIY Vending Machine and Booth Costumes

Step behind the glass of your favorite machines for the coolest homemade costume! This awesome collection of vending machine and booth costumes contains the greatest DIY costume instructions.

Ever watch a kid stare longingly at a candy machine? Let them live out their dream of being on the inside. Take a look at the coolest costumes here that actually dispense real candy!

Extremely popular are gumball machines. This is one versatile costume. There is no wrong way to create your own. In addition, make it a couple costume by dressing your other half up as a quarter. Check out super cute some examples here.

Also, there are clever and easy booth costumes you’ll see here.  Best of all, you can make them cheaply and easily.

So try your hand at creating one of these DIY vending machine and booth costumes this Halloween!

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