This costume was inspired by my daughter’s love for the crane game with stuffed animals inside. We decided to make the machine as a Halloween costume. We took an ordinary cardboard box and cut out the windows accordingly. We then made a panel for the joystick out of a shoe box and added a backpack inside (glued) for our daughter to hold it up.

We also made a cardboard bar on the inside for her to hold it up steady. Inside, we put foil to be reflective and glow in the dark duct tape. We also installed battery operated lights to shine down inside and added lights to the sign. The outside is decorated with Halloween colored paints, Halloween duct tape that glows in the dark, and many Halloween themed stickers.

To make it extra fun, we used reflective tape on the joystick panel and candy corn arrows. We also put cellophane on the sides to look like the real windows on the machine, but left a space at the top to help lift up the box for our daughter to get in. We decided to leave the front of the box open so she could see clearly to walk around.

After all the paint was applied, the duct tape and the stickers, we sprayed the box with a sealant to help it from getting destroyed from the weather. It was a rainy day for Halloween so this worked out nicely!

The reactions she got from wearing this costume was priceless. All the kids thought the game was real and wanted to have a chance at playing! Everyone at her school thought this costume was the best in the school.

This costume took us about a week to make, but with some very late nights. We will be keeping this costume for future use, and we will leave it out for the kids to pretend playing with it for a while. The best part of taking the time to make a costume like this is seeing the smile on my child’s face when she got to wear it!