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Award Winning DIY Stuffed Animal Claw Machine Costume

How did you come up with this costume idea?

My daughter Natalie is 7 years old and just loves playing the stuffed animal claw game so she decided that was what she wanted to be for Halloween.

Items included are as follows:

  • 2 extra large home depot boxes
  • 3 black spray paint
  • 3 gorilla black duct tape
  • 3 sheets of gift basic wrap for the windows
  • 2 silver foil sheets for the mirror
  • 2 black knitting mesh for breathing holes to allow air flow
  • 2 battery operated flower lights for front
  • 1 battery operated circle light for light inside machine
  • 1 chain for the claw
  • 1 plastic whisk cut for claw
  • 1 small box for control panel
  • 1 highlighter marker covered in duct tape for the joystick
  • 2 rubber bands to allow the joystick to move
  • 1 small flap for prize door to open
  • 1 black back pack to be able to carry it around
  • Real game printed decals
  • Decal stickers for design
  • 1 panda bear PJs and gloves for daughters stuffed animal look
  • 6 stuffed animals for inside the claw machine

People, including children, were amazed and excited to see how cute the animal claw machine costume was. Kids would try to play the game while my daughter was in it. We got a lot of “wows” and “that is neat” comments. When my daughter won the contest at school, the whole school cheered and chanted her name, it made her feel really good. She won 1st place in costume at the School Boo Bash.

Award Winning DIY Stuffed Animal Claw Machine Costume

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