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Beckie’s Cool Claw Machine Costume

My Claw Machine costume didn’t cost my family a single penny to make. On Wednesday, after I had decided that I wanted to be a Claw Machine, I found two toilet paper rolls and some tape in my house.

I cut and rolled one of the rolls in order to make the “stick of the joystick”. Since we didn’t have glue at home, I had to wait until I went to school the next day and had my mom’s classroom to use. I took a coat hanger from my house and a small box. I also found a roll of heavy duty tin foil and a ball. I made the joystick in Study Hall out of the box, the ball and the toilet paper roll that I rolled up. I then borrowed some red duct tape and hot glued it all together. When I went to art, I cut a wire coat hanger apart and covered two long pieces in tin foil. I then took the second toilet paper roll and cut it in half and covered it in tin foil. I hot glued them together to make the claw. After school, we went to my dad’s work to look for a big box. We found one that was going to get thrown away and took it, along with several other pieces of cardboard. My mom and I forgot the hot glue gun at school so we measured and cut the three sides that the windows had to go on, flattened the box and put it in the car. When we got to school the next day, I hot glued the box together during my study hall. During art, I went to my mom’s classroom and got some cork board paper out of the teachers lounge. After school got out, I glued the tin foil to the back of the box and hot glued the top onto the box. When it was time to go home, it became very obvious that the box was not going to fit in our little Chevy Impala. My mom asked one of her colleagues if she could drive the costume to our house in her car. We put her son’s seat down so that it could fit and he rode home in our car. At home, we glued the red paper to the outside, fastened ribbons to the inside for straps, hot glued the joystick panel, glued down the signs, put in a “! false floor” and hot glued some of my stuffed animals in. Thursday night at 11:00 PM, my mom and I finally finished the costume. We had to borrow his pick-up truck in order to get it to school (we are allowed to wear costumes to school). When we got to school and I put it on all around, my jaws dropped and people wanted to ask me questions, take pictures and “play me.” It was a great experience making my costume and an even better one seeing how much other people enjoyed seeing me in it.


Beckie's Cool Claw Machine Costume

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