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Coolest Homemade Claw Machine Costume for Halloween

I searched the internet for a claw machine costume idea but I really wanted to create a costume nobody else had. After an exhaustive search I randomly came across a picture of a little boy who had climbed up into a claw machine and so my costume idea was born.

I went to Lowe’s and asked them for a refrigerator box. They gave me two which I pieced together for the main structure. I cut out three windows. I then covered the entire box in red poster board, covered the back wall in tin foil and cut the sides out of black poster board. I then got thin clear vinyl from Wal-Mart and put it for the windows. The claw was made out of tinfoil.

The costume was held up by a pair of suspenders. I got the teddy bear face at a costume shop for $3.50 and the teddy bears at the dollar store. I then got battery powered lights from Wal-Mart and punched holes with a pen and duct taped them in. In all I used about four or five rolls of duct tape. If I where to make this kids Halloween costume again I would defiantly not make a roof because it was really hot in there and made the windows fog up a bit. It took me a couple of hours a day for about a week and a half to create.

Total Spent: $30

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Have fun creating your own claw machine costume!

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