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150+ Coolest Homemade Wizard of Oz Costumes

We’re off to see the most awesome DIY costumes in this cool collection of Wizard of Oz costumes. Take in the awe and wonder of seeing all your favorite characters come to life. Then, follow the yellow brick road to these cool instructions for fabulous homemade costume inspiration.

It is amazing to see the personal creativity in these homemade costumes. These are not the classic movie characters you know and love. Here are incredibly creative versions of the cowardly lion, shiny tin men and amazing scarecrows.

In addition, you’ll see some uniquely frightening witches. You can learn a ton from these awesome DIY costumes and scarily realistic makeup. You’ll even see a Wicked Witch of the East with the house that fell on her head. Thankfully there are also plenty of beautifully sparkly Glindas to even out the balance.

Somewhere over the rainbow you’ll find your costume inspiration. Who knows? It may be right in this section here!

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