I have always made my own costumes.  When I was growing up we never bought costumes we always made them. I was inspired when walking through a craft store looking at Halloween decorations. I was immediately struck by this cute boy and girl set of Scarecrows.  This was the first year that I was with my Husband and I was now looking to be inspired to make things we could do as a couple.  So I designed these Scarecrow costumes for us.  We had an AMAZING reaction from a crowd during a Halloween Costume Contest that we entered at a bar in town.  We ended up taking 1st place!!

I made them completely out of over sized clothes that I bought at a second hand store, material that I found on a deep discount at a fabric store, cardboard, raffia grass and foliage that was found around our house.  It was a short time frame and came down to the wire.  The most memorable part was that I made most of these costumes while we were driving in a car so I was measuring my husband while we were driving, he thought I was nuts, lol, but LOVED the costumes when they all came together.

The brim of the hats here made out of cardboard and covered in material I found that looked similar to denim. I stitched bold color of embroidery thread around the brims to create a fun finish, formed the top of the hats by sewing the material into a tube stuffing it will leftover material, tied off one end and stuck raffia grass and foliage in the top then attached it to the brim of the hat.  I found old garden gloves and cut the finders out and then stitched the raffia grass into each of the fingers.  Then I rolled the ends of the pant legs up and stitched raffia grass on the bottom of each pant leg.  No worries I didn’t stitch each piece of grass in individually, instead I laid out a strip of duct tape and place the raffia grass on it so that it hung over the tape then laid a piece of tape over the top.  I did this to make the bangs for both the hair pieces also.  Finally I braided 2 braids for my hair!!

This was one of the most enjoyable costumes I have ever made.  We had people asking to take pictures with us all night long and people were just smiling from ear to ear when we walked by.  We had a great night and of course winning 1st place in the Halloween Costume Contest out of 60 entries was the highlight of the night!