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Coolest 50+ Homemade Scarecrow Costumes

Put the scare in scarecrow costumes with this collection of awesome homemade costumes. But, don’t worry, the costumes here aren’t all terrifying. Some of them are just frighteningly cute! 

Take a look at the personalized scarecrow costumes below. For instance, you will see feminine versions of this costume as well as a half tin man half scarecrow costume.  For a less scary look, you will see adorable children in homemade costumes here. Even though they won’t scare the crows away, they are the cutest DIY costumes for Halloween.

Also, find out the DIY costume secrets beyond just stuffing yourself with hay. Check out the truly creative and unique ideas to bring your homemade costume to the next level. 

In addition, many of the costumes here were made quickly and cheaply.

So, browse through these DIY costumes and get inspired to create your own homemade costume this Halloween.




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