This all started when I was invited to a villain party, and all of the “typical/original” ideas were taken,. I was in a jam and even considered not going! I was then given the idea from the host of the party to be the Wicked Witch of the East, but no instructions on how I was going to make this work! A friend had a decent sized box so I kindly took it off their hands and took out all the paint and glitter I owned.

I had a white house with a black roof. I had windows and flowers all over it. I then cut an oval in the top and slipped right in. For the rest of the costume I just wore black underneath, the black and white stripped stockings, and of course a witches hat. Then I needed to make the sparkly red slippers. I took an old pair of black flats and painted in with red glitter glue and TADA done!

Everyone knew exactly what I was and I ended up being the talk of the party! I ended up getting nice and close with all of them too because my house was bumping into everyone! It sure was a great “house party!” I ended up winning best costume, which I consider pretty good for considering not even going! IT WAS A HIT!