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Awesome, Cute and Easy Homemade Flying Monkey Costume

This Flying Monkey costume was for the Halloween parade in my town. I am a silk in the band and our squad was the flying monkeys and wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz. So I basically started off by looking for supplies. I got a gray sweat suit a red vest some paint and red duck tape. For the hat I got one of those Styrofoam things you use for fake flowers and the shoes I had through silks I also found some blue eye shadow. I also got a grey scarf for the tail. So for the vest all I really had to do was cut off the zipper that was on it and paint it with blue and white paint. I know it’s not exact but it still looks good.

For the hat I took the Styrofoam and warped it in red duck tape then paint it with the blue and with paint. For the tail I took a wire hanger and warped the grey scarf around it and tied it in a few places so that it would stay in place. I curled my hair and pulled back my bangs. To put on the hat I used some bobby pins and put them in to the Styrofoam to attach it to my head. For my eyes I just put on a lot of blue eye shadow. For the tail I just attached it with a safety pin at the bottom and towards the top. The wings were also store bought. Everyone liked my costume and said they thought it was the best. Hope you like it too!

Awesome, Cute and Easy Homemade Flying Monkey Costume

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