This baby Scarecrow costume was an extremely last minute costume! In total I think it took me about 45 minutes to make. And I made it Halloween morning!

I already had a pair of overalls. I cut out some different colored pieces of felt in square and triangle patterns and sewed them onto the overalls with orange and brown embroidery floss. I shoved strands of raffia into his overhall pockets and even sewed a few pieces into the felt.

The hat was super easy thanks to the glue gun. I took a regular size piece of felt and glued it in the back to make a cone. Again, not perfect, but good enough to fit the little guys head. I then glued a piece of ribbon around the bottom, sewed a few more felt patches on and then hot glued on some buttons and hot glued some more raffia  to the inside of the hat to look like hay.

We tied a brown bandana around his neck and even got him a little crow that was on clearance from the flower department at the craft store.

And there you go! The worlds cutest and easiest Halloween costume! He stopped tons of people in the isles at the store with this costume. We got lots of comments on how great it was and how long it must have taken me. That will just be our little secret.