Coolest Eve Costume

Eve Costume

For this Eve Costume I started by finding garland of some sort of leaves at my local Hobby Lobby. Then I went in search for a nude body corset of some sort. I ended up getting a pair of nude boyshort underwear and nude sports-like bra from Wal-mart. I also purchased a fake apple from … Read more

Coolest Sexy Eve Costume

Homemade Sexy Eve Costume

I wanted to do something a little different than the usual Eve in a bikini and underwear look, but I still wanted the costume to be sexy. The materials I started with were a green bra, and old skirt and I also took an old shirt and cut two long strips of fabric from it … Read more

Coolest Eve DIY Costume

Homemade Eve Costume

I wanted and needed a costume that would keep me warm, be easy to move around in, and would be playful and sexy but not too revealing. Found a nude bodysuit online for only $21, bought a cheap wig, found the apple and the snake at a thrift store, and was able to have a … Read more