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360+ Spectacularly Feathered Bird Costumes for Halloween

There is something about bird costumes. When birds majestically fly above you, they provoke awe and wonder. Also, fear that they could poop on your head at any moment. But I digress. The feathered beauty and the regal head of a bird makes it a natural when planning an impressive homemade costume.

When considering bird costumes, don’t think small. The ideas here are extravagant and are real showstoppers. These costumes are made of fabrics in all textures and colors. Whether it is a fluffy chick or a sleek bald eagle, the craftsmanship in this collection is staggering.

Especially of note are the incredible number of peacock costumes you will see here. They are breathtakingly spectacular and will make you sit up and to take notice. Each one is so unique in it’s colors and design.

In conclusion, from cute little baby birds to stunning adult birds of prey, this is one theme that can be custom made to all generations.

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