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Perfectly Pink Little Girls Flamingo Costume

I purchased a lined crotchet tutu top in a coral color. Used matching satin ribbon for the straps.  I used the same ribbon to cut a long piece to go around her waist, leaving enough extra to tie in a bow. I purchased two matching coral boas off Etsy and cut them into strips that I knotted along the length of the ribbon, starting from the middle moving out. Again, I left enough ribbon at the ends to tie a bow.

I also bought a matching skirt as the base for her to wear underneath so the feathers wouldn’t be itchy. I actually ended up tacking the boa skirt to the underskirt at the end because of the weight. I also attached one long piece of boa to use as the flamingo neck. I used three colors of felt for the face – light pink, bright pink, black along with and a permanent marker to draw the eye lashes. I purchased a white fabric headband from the craft store and painted it to match With a little fluffy hair clip. 

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