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Coolest Palm Treen and Flamingo Costumes

My three year old daughter really wanted to be a flamingo so she could dye her hair pink. Once that was established we had to come up with a costume for her younger sister. Nothing fit better than a little palm tree. What a cute pair!

We were missing the ocean and east coast out here in the Midwest, so what a better way to bring the best of the beach right here! I wanted the costumes to be comfy and easy to get around in for the girls and to be similar in style. That is how I came up with the idea to start with a dress as the base for both. Hope you like them as much as we did!

Palm tree:

Items needed: brown dress & tights, 1” gold stretch sequin trim (about a yard), about 2 yards gold single sequin trim, green fleece & sparkle fabric, gold fringe.

Optional: gold shoes (can make by coating old shoes in glue and covering with glitter), monkey or parrot stuffed animal.

To Make:

I cut leaf shape through several layers of the fleece and sparkle fabric.

I then sewed single sequin trim down center of all sparkle fabric leaves.

Next sew fleece to sparkle fabric around all edges except top (leave kinda rough edge to look more natural).

Stuff all leaves with tissue paper or stuffing from craft store.

Slightly overlap all leaves at neck of dress. Pin to dress then sew down with sewing machine.
measure & pin fringe trim around dress in several rows (depends how tall you are)

Sew fringe to dress along edge.

Stitch stretch sequin trim together at ends to form a headband.


Items needed: Pink dress & black tights, 2 big pink feathers (I think ostrich??), feather boa, loose feathers (I used to colors), 1” white foam ( I got at joAnn fabrics), googley eyes, headband, black glitter

Optional: pink hair dye (Haley looooved this!!), glitter webbed shoe cover feet, or black converse sneakers.

To Make:

Tack feather boa around bottom of dress and neck. You could glue, but I hand stitched about every 5 inches or so.

Cut 2 pieces of foam in shape of flamingo head.
Use normal craft glue to glue feathers in radial pattern from outer edge into where eye will be placed. (feathers were everywhere when doing this part!)

Glue feathers around 1” edge of flamingo head.

Glue goggley eye in place where all feathers meet.

Once dry glue beak part of foam together so that both sides of mask face outwards.

Paint glue onto beak where black will be.

Coat with glitter for black beak.

Once all is dry attach to pink stretchy headband with hot glue (to be worn horizontal – not around hair as usual).

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  1. Hi. My daughter is desperate to be a flamingo. I love what you did with her headpiece. I don’t understand how to cut the foam for the actual head. Can you give me any other directions for this? I don’t know what else to do….
    Thanks for your time and you did a great job with this!


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