For my friend’s birthday she had an Alice in Wonderland party since her name is Alice. I didn’t want to go along as something too obvious so decided on being a flamingo and making my partner go as a hedgehog.

Flamingo: I started by buying a black tight fitting skirt and 4 feather boas in different shades of pink. I then attached the boas to the skirt by sewing them on. I’m not very good at sewing and this took quite a long time. I sewed them in a zigzag up and down the skirt. I then just bought a pink singlet top and wore this on the top half. I paired it with black stockings and fluffy leg warmers. The main part of the costume was the head piece. I bought a plastic mask from a craft store and painted it pink. I then added feathers to it and sequins around the eye pieces. I decided I didn’t actually want to wear it over my eyes and just wanted it to be worn on the top of my head. I then bought a headband which had devil horns attached to it. I broke off the horns and painted one pink with a black end. I attached this to the mask. I also made a matching costume for my friend but in blue and purple as she wanted to go as a dodo bird.

Hedgehog: This costume was more putting things together rather than specifically making it. I went to a second hand shop and purchased different items of clothing in different shades of browns. I then purchased a hat which I think was meant to be a lion but I used hair gel to make spikes on it, and that’s pretty much the costume.

The party was a blast but I was disappointed when I showed up to find another flamingo turns out my idea wasn’t so unique after all but at least we looked completely different. And I had my hedgehog partner to help me steal the show.