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Coolest Baby Flamingo DIY Costume

So I bought my daughter some puppets and her favorite one was the flamingo. This poor flamingo puppet endured many, many, beak biting sessions from my 10 & 1/2 month old. She constantly slobbered all over this poor birds beak and I would have to hide him from her so he could dry out. So this year being my daughter’s first Halloween, I decided to make her baby flamingo DIY costume. Why not dress her up as the very thing she loves, right?

So I don’t sew really, unless it is to hem pants. I borrowed my sisters sewing machine and went to the fabric store. I did not have a pattern, I just looked at pictures of flamingos on the internet to get the basic shapes. For the head I just knew it needed to be cute so I looked at more pictures and looked at the puppet and came up with the head on my own. Of course I had to make it a girl so I added eyelashes.

Oh I also just safety pinned the whole bird to a hoodie sweatshirt so I could detach it and she could just wear the jacket for the season. I really had fun doing this, it was a good but fun challenge to come up with shapes and sewing them together, sometimes more than once.

Baby Flamingo DIY Costume

Sewing Head to Body

This is How it Looks Finished (and not worn)

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4 thoughts on “Coolest Baby Flamingo DIY Costume”

  1. I love it! I really want a flamingo costume for my 1 year old but can’t find one reasonably priced, and I clueless when it comes to sewing. Would you consider selling that costume? If so, what would you charge for it? Please email me at solewnik@yahoo.com

  2. My girls are 35 and 37 and I made their Halloween costumes until they were adults. Some were traditional-some weird. My 35 year old daughter has a baby now and has requested that I make her first costume. She wants a flamingo. I plan to use your pictures and verbal instructions to come up with my own version. Thanks for such a great idea – will post pictures when finished.


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