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Coolest Homemade King and Queen Couple Costume

I made the dogs costume using a pattern for the outfit but the chair I just took foam and covered it leaving a hole in the back so my dog could fit through. I made fake legs and bought some cheap shoes. I just made my own pattern for the legs. I stuffed them and pined them to the chair. His shirt covers the pin. He acts the part very well.

My daughter Is the Queen riding a flamingo. I don’t know why but she wanted to ride a flamingo so I made it. First I made a pattern for what I thought the shape of a flamingo would be. I doubled it and sewed the head noun to the bottom of the neck. I then cut a piece of material to fit inside of the body part . This way my daughter could fit in the flamingo body. I sewed the back butt aria first then I sewed the inside leaving an opening for the stuffing. I then aed the face and covered it with pink boas. I hot glued the feathers on. I made the queens outfit from a pattern. I bought house shoes for the flamingos feet. I also made fake legs out of hose and stuffing I hot glued some cheap shoes on them.

That’s it, we had a great time showing off our Homemade King and Queen Couple Costume. Our dog loves being a king!

 King and Queen Couple Costume

 King and Queen Couple Costume

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