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Sweet DIY Baby Peacock Costume

I couldn’t find a peacock costume at the store and I wanted something special for my daughter. So, I decided to make one out of tulle, a crochet stretch band and peacock feathers. It took about a week to complete and cost me about 20 dollars to make (which is a steal if I may add because the cost for a costume is about 30+ dollars now a days and everyone walks around in the same costumes ).

I lined the back of the costume with three rows of feathers using hot glue and used a turquoise gem, gold bead feather and hot glue to make the emblem in the front. I made something special and original for my daughter that no one else has  

I did have  some bumps on the road. I purchased other color that in the end just didn’t look right so I had to start all over.. it is a bit cold here in Ohio so I found a blue shirt to go under her dress with thick black leggings which still turned out to look amazing. Another hard part was when I did have to put her in the stroller. I had to fluff up the back so people could see her feathers. Had I thought about that before I would have made it long so it would stand out but people still knew what she was 

I had a lot of comments on her outfit like that is took cute and beyond adorable. Everyone’s house house we went to commented on how much they loved it and how unique it is that they never seen anything like it. Dallas sure did love all of the attention smiling and laughing. She just turned one so she can’t walk yet so I carried he most of the way so everyone could see how pretty she looked 

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