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175+ Gorgeously Awesome Homemade Peacock Costumes

Looking for an unbelievably stunning costume this Halloween? Inspired by the proud and fantastic bird, this collection of homemade peacock costumes is absolutely incredible. For a show-stopping, head-turning ensemble, feast your eyes on the exquisite DIY costumes below.

They may be short but when they spread their feathers, peacocks are awe inspiring. Mother nature’s beauty is truly incomparable. Interpret this bird any way you please. Go shiny and blue or purple and feathery. Definitely check out all the magnificent costume combinations here.

Also, discover how to construct an impressive plume in order to strut your stuff. Whether you are a woman or a man, this is one regal costume choice.

So take inspiration from the proud and striking peacock. Construct one of these breathtaking homemade costumes this Halloween. Then, bedeck yourself in one of these glamorously elegant and fabulously feathery peacock costumes this Halloween.

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