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Pretty Homemade Peacock Halloween Costume

As soon as I heard my girlfriend was going to have a Halloween costume party, I started my search for the perfect costume. After many hours on the internet, I had found nothing. It was all the same overly priced, cheaply made, extremely revealing costumes-in-a-bag. I wanted to be tastefully sexy, not trashy.

I finally came across something different, “The Peacock ”. All the costumes I saw were very unattractive and not too impressive. And then, a miracle happened… I found this site. I had made up my mind. I was going to be a peacock, and I was going to make a Homemade Peacock Halloween Costume myself.

I started by looking for a blue dress. Lucky me, I found one at the first place I looked (T.J. Maxx), nice and cheap. I then ordered 100 eyed-feathers and a hand fan from eBay. I hot glued the feathers to the fan in rows, trimming them as needed. After figuring out the position of my peacock tail to the dress, I sewed on eye-hooks to my dress at the small of my back, and one on each shoulder strap.

I also attached the opposite end of the eye-hooks to the tail in the appropriate positions with a few other materials to allow them to stick out for easy attachment to the dress. I was able to remove and reattach the tail by myself very easily. I finished my look with black nylons, gold strap heels, a pair of earrings that I glued feathers to, a very high ponytail, and some outrageous false eyelashes.

I also wanted my boyfriend to have a semi-coordinating costume. We decided he would be a Peacock farmer. Using the “print and iron” paper from the craft store, I made him a logo and ironed it onto a cow-boyish shirt. He grew out a beard, wore a mullet, a trucker hat, some boots, and he became a hillbilly farmer. We made his logo a bit dirty for the extra kicks and giggles. I also printed out some business cards just for that little “extra” since his costume wasn’t anything spectacular.

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