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Original Homemade Pretty Peacock Costume

This Pretty Peacock Costume was my 2008 costume which I decided I’m going to wear again this year, only elaborate on. It was completed in two days, and was a hit the night I wore it.

I began by sewing the bustier from an old pattern. I used a gorgeous peacock blue, and a gold rope to lace it, to resemble the small golden feathers on the peacocks back. I found an old broach that I glued pretty beads, sequence, and feathers onto, and pinned it to the front so the feathers fanned across my neck.

The skirt was fairly easy to make, sewed the fabric around a tutu, so it was full and fluffy. Although you cant see in the pictures, I wore a fluffy emerald petty coat underneath to give it more rich jeweled tones.

The tail was difficult, first for finding the tall feathers on such short notice, the second for arranging them. This is the part I’m going to elaborate on if I decide to wear this costume again. I arranged them on a table the way I liked them to fall, and then carefully glue-gunned them. Messy, but I glued the top of the feather pile to a soft fabric belt. I then cut a small slit in the back of my skirt, that way the belt can go around my waste, but hide in the tutu.

To top it off I covered a hair clip with the same feathers and beads, put on waterproof liquid eyeliner in a pretty pattern, and wore gold shoes with a ribbon that tied up the leg.

 Peacock Costume Costume

 Peacock Costume Costume

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25 thoughts on “Original Homemade Pretty Peacock Costume”

  1. Your costume is by far the best peacock costume I’ve seen. I’ve been looking for ideas online for a peacock costume but most of them look sloppy or tacky, yours is very well put together and sexy! I love it.

  2. Where did you get the eye liner in all those colors? How about the lashes? And lastly the feathers, how many did you use, what length, and where did you get them?

  3. Aw thanks guys!

    First Off, It’s not for sale (yet) But it’s not too hard to make!

    The eyeliner I got at the drugstore, it’s a brand called “GOSH” Its extremly waterproof which is great for halloween so it’s not down your face at the end of the night. It’s small, and kindah expensive, but the quality and color selection is awesome. Small brush for detail.

    I don’t know where I bought the lashes but I see them everywhere now. The tail feathers can be as long as you want I guess.

    Kat: what’s your email? I’m not sure this site will let me put up more pics

  4. I would love you forever if you could e-mail me more pictures of this!

    You did fantastic on the eye-makeup and the dress is breathtaking!

    This is by far the best bird-related costume I’ve ever seen!

    thanks so much!

  5. so creative, so dope, so beautiful! Love it, you snapped on the eye makeup, the little details, the contrast of colors, love it all!

  6. I love your tail feathers. Were they an issue when you were going to sit down? I really want to be a peacock for this Halloween but I will probably be at a house party and will probably have to worry about sitting at a bar stool, couch, chair with a back, etc. Any comments would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. You look stunning, by the way!

  7. Hey! I know you said the eyeliner is a bit pricier, but I looked at reviews and it’s understandable, but on GOSH’s website, it costs $16 a bottle! I was wondering what drugstores you could get it at for cheaper because, online, 4 bottles costs $70, and I can’t afford that. My Walgreens doesn’t carry it either… But you did an excellent job!

  8. i love love love this costume i am so fascinated by peacock their such a gorgeous animal i am being a peacock for Halloween this year but the only good looking costume i could find is 200plus dollars which isn’t a problem but every website i find it on is soldout or not in stock yet and seeing this gave me the idea to make mine! i would love for you to send me more pictures so i can get ideas. thanks it would be great!

  9. I am compiling ideas for my own peacock costume and I am so inspired by yours! I love love love the face artwork!
    You look stunning!

  10. This is by far the best peacock costume I’ve come across. The entire costume is so pretty and looks so well made! I have very amateur sewing skills but want to try to make something similar… can you email me more pics of your peacock costume? Thanks!!




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