At my house we have 11 peacocks.  I have been extremely fascinated with them FOREVER!  I didn’t think of using the feathers for anything until graduation came around and we could decorate our caps.  I decided to use the peacocks feathers.  After that was finished I thought it would be quite sweet if I could make a peacock costume.  I fell in love with the idea and soon started making it!

The Tricky Tail

I started with a thick plastic piece.  It was plastic  made from the same material as folders for school.  I cut the plastic into an arch so I could glue feathers to it.  I started with the “t” feathers that stick out over the eye feathers.  I only used 4 of them because I wanted more of the eye feathers.  I then started attaching the eye feathers in front of the “t” feathers how a peacock has them.  I got board of doing that so I then started working on the bottom half of the tail.  I used feathers that had the eyes one them, but they also had a frilly like bottom to them.  (I’m not quite sure what they are called.)  I used another peacock feather one the back of those to make it more sturdy.  I then finished up by putting the eye feathers on all the way to the bottom.  If you knew me then you would know that I can’t be finished yet.  I have to go all out.  I turned the tail around and started to put the backside on.  I put the back supporting tail feathers on just like a peacock has when it spreads its tail feathers.  After that I cut out a small arc again for some more support and for something to glue my next feathers onto.  I had to add their little fuzzy feathers at the bottom to top it off.  I then stuck some thick string through everything and made a loop so I could attack some hooks to hook to my cores   To keep the tail from leaning to the left or right I used safety pins and pined it to my tutu.

The Complicated Corset

For my top I bought a corset from our Halloween store.  I wasn’t to worried about what the hot glue would to to the the corset :)  I cut up some small eye feathers and placed them on the corset in a fancy wave like pattern.  I started in the back and moved across the front to the other backside.  I loved how it complemented my curves when I was finished.  I burnt my fingers so many times on this part.  My fingers still hurt…

The Final Touch

For the very last part I didn’t want to use a lot of feathers and take away from the tail.  My tutu had 4 layers on it.  I decided to place some feathers in between the layers.  I started at the top layer, then moved to the bottom, then middle, then bottom….ect.  I liked how it turned out.  It didn’t take away from the tail at all.

Show Time!

When my consume was all put together I was stoked!  I have never been so proud of myself.  I went to a Halloween party in Iowa City and was the hit of the party.  Everyone loved it!  I got so many compliments and pictures.  For Halloween I had to walk around my neighbor hood and show all my neighbors since they hear our peacocks ALL the time.  They were in all in awe when I walked up to their doors. If I could, I would wear my tail all the time!  I am in love with it.  Hopefully all of you think so too!

Words of Encouragement

If you want to make this costume, you won’t regret it!  I got lucky with not having to buy all the feathers, but if you have to it is worth it!  You’ll be in the spot light!  Enjoy!