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Awesome Blue Bird Halloween Costume

I started off this awesome Blue Bird Halloween costume by buying a large piece of felt, as well as 3 different colors of cotton fabric. I went with white, light blue and dark blue. I cut the felt into a large circle by folding it in half and cutting it into a half circle, then on middle of the fold I cut another circle for my head. I then took the other cotton fabric and cut in to small squares, depending on what size “feathers” you want, I did 6inch x 6inch. I free hand cut all the feathers, but you could also use a stencil. I’m not much of a seamstress so I put my glue gun to good use! I glued each feather, in a pattern going around the poncho, starting from the bottom. Once that was done and dried, I cut a line right up the back and added ribbon to keep it from falling off.

For my hair, I just cut a beak from foam and hot glued it to a headband. I took foam balls and glued round pieces of felt on for eye balls. I took the eyes and added feathers behind them, then glued then right onto the beak.

I thought it turned out great, and it was very warm!


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