This is a blue Macaw Parrot Costume, handmade by (me) a stay at home mom and freelance artist

This costume is based around a blue tshirt layered with cutout felt “feathers” and wings. My daughter is 6, so I bought a medium cotton t-shirt from the craft store to make the body of the costume, then I proceeded to make the wings. First, I measured her wingspan and drew a pattern in the shape of a parrot wing. Then I  looked at a diagram of a parrot wing and drew 3 different sized feather patterns and traced them to cut our felt. Next, I put wires inside the top of the wing for stability and movement. The wings are cut out of felt initially and sewn to the t-shirt sleeves and the “feathers” are added to the back of the wings. I mixed sewing on a regular sewing machine and handstiching the details of my costume after tacking the pieces with a hot glue gun or sewing pins.

The next step after attaching the wings to the t-shirt is to cut out feather scales for the birds chest, or torso. I cut then out of felt and layer them like shingles and sew and glue them to the front. I then cut out long “feather” shapes from the felt to make the tail which attaches to the back of the costume.

The head is a simple hood pattern with a beak and eyes cut out of felt and sewn to the top. I added cardboard to the inside of the beak for stiffness. (your sewing machine can sew through thin cardboard and felt layered together).

The greatest thing about this Macaw costume besides that it is durable, is that this costume is so much fun for a child to “fly around” in. My daughter pretends she is a great blue Macaw and runs around the yard letting the “feathers” ripple in the breeze.

I base all the costumes around a tshirt body, so this can be designed fit anyone as long as they give me their usual tshirt size. Adults love to dress up as much as children and this design can be made in any size, as long you know your tshirt size.