After five failed attempts at making an Eve costume to complement her brother’s Wall-E, we ended up making my daughter an owl costume for Halloween last year. I made a body suit out of some fuzzy animal material. It was a simple jump suit that Velcro’d over her shoulders. She wore a black sweatshirt under, and black boots.

I made a cape with hood out of the same material, then cut an owl eyes, beak and ear shape from foam. I glued brown and black feathers all over the foam, except for the eye circles that I left black. I also added some orange foam for the beak. I then attached this mask to the front of the cape hood. If you had an older child that might actually keep the mask on, you could cut out the eye holes and it would look great. I just knew being 1, she would never keep it on so I attached it to the hood! I also added some feather trim (in long strips like boas) around the rim of the hood.

Finally, I cut two big wings out of the foam sheets, going from her shoulders down to the floor. I covered them in feathers. I started with the larger ones at the bottom, then worked my way up so that they all lay properly. Don’t be fooled by thinking you can whip this out in an hour or two. Try five or six. It was pretty ridiculous. Hot glue works best since it dries the fastest. Make sure you use a foam color similar to the feather color, as the underneath will show in parts and it sometimes shows through the feathers!

I attached the feathered wings to the back of the cape by sewing them on across the top, then tacking them together at the bottom, with the tips just overlapping like an owl at rest would have. It was a great costume and she won first place at two contests! Best of all, the cape with wings, hood and mask all came off in one easy piece so that she could take breaks. Mostly, she loved being the center of attention and waved at everyone!