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Fun Homemade Pirate and Parrot Couple Costume

I had so much fun making this costume. I pretty much went to every store I could until I had piece by piece (Thrift Stores, Goodwill, Joann’s Fabric, Hobby Lobby Michaels and every Halloween store I drove by).


The white and reddish “belt” and the white “belt” around him are actually scarves.  The other two belts, my husband already owned. I bought the white, ruffled shirt at Goodwill.  The shoes and black pants were his. I had to get the most creative with the brown “vest”. I could not find one anywhere that looked even close to what I needed so I started looking for brown fabrics at a Goodwill and came across an extra large woman’s brown dress. It was very long and came all the way up to the neck. I had to do some magic and just started cutting away until it looked like a brown vest. I was very happy with the outcome. We got the boot covers, hat and wig at a Halloween store and he just had plain brown shoes underneath them.  The beard and mustache is all makeup and I smudged a little eyeliner under his eyes.


This costume is pretty easy to make, but it’s just time consuming.  For the body of the parrot, I bought a cheap, cotton, strapless dress.  Then, I went to Michaels and bought 7  boas, all of a different color. I put the dress on and wrapped all of the boas around me one at a time and had my sister safety pin them to the dress. Several safety pins later, it was done. I just wrapped the light green one around my neck and pinned it to the back of the dress. When I slipped it off at the end of the night, it came right off so you have to make sure you have a fairly stretchy dress.

The head was a weird, plastic helmet looking thing I found at Michaels. It had the face of a giant tiger on it. Obviously it was for kids. I removed the googly eyes, spray painted it light green and glued all the feathers on  (these feathers I bought in a pack at Michaels and they were individual feathers. I bought the parrot nose and the purple pantyhose at a Halloween store. The boots were bought at Ross and most of my makeup was just from those Halloween Makeup Kits.  At the party, it was funny because everyone knew where I had been last since I had a trail of feathers following me. There were feathers all over my friend’s house the next day and some of them are probably still there today!  (Needless to say, the costume is still in great condition today).

The costumes were a huge hit at the party!  Everyone just loved then and we got lots of compliments!  My husband wore his pirate costume to work the next day and got a huge response from the customers, mainly woman if you get my drift!  Apparently pirates are a big deal! Who Knew?

I hope you like our story.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions and Please Vote for the Pirate and Parrot!

Fun Homemade Pirate and Parrot Couple Costume

Fun Homemade Pirate and Parrot Couple Costume

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