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Cool Cackling Hens DIY Couple Costume

When my friend and I go out on the town we are accused of sounding like cackling hens, so that’s what we decided to go as for Halloween this year.  We searched garage sales for items to make our costumes. We used painter disposable suits and glued feather boas to them. We found Mohawk wigs which we spray painted to match. We used rubber gloves for our feet and tights on our legs.

But the final touch to put our costumes over the top is the egg drop shoot. We inserted a plastic dryer vent hose which runs from our waste down to our behinds and we have a secret pocket in the side of the costume to stick our hands in and a basket of metallic eggs in also in the suit so when we are strutting, scratching and pecking we can give out a big chicken squawk, squat and lay an egg.

We wore these costumes to a casino this past weekend and had everyone laughing.  We do tend to go over the top with our costumes because we have no shame. Even our children are too embarrassed to go with us. I think we had more pictures taken in our chicken costumes than we did at our own daughters weddings. Every year we try to come up with something unique. We are already thinking of next years costumes. Even though we are in our fifties we know how to have fun and plan on doing so for many more years. One thing I would like to add. The chicken costume was quite warm like wearing a down coat and then you throw in some hot flashes from menopausal women and what do you get by the end of the night?  ROASTED CHICKENS!

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