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Coolest Homemade Chicken Halloween Costume

My daughter wanted to be a chicken for Halloween this year. Considering I do not sew, I put the entire homemade chicken Halloween costume together with many safety pins, hot glue and a little hand-stitching. Below are the steps I used to complete this coolest homemade chicken Halloween costume:

Start with a plain white sweatshirt that was a bit too big. Use an old t-shirt and pin the bottom of that t-shirt to the center all the way around the inside of the sweatshirt. Then, stuff poly-fill between the t-shirt and sweatshirt to give the chicken some extra fluff. Purchase 8 – 10 feather boas at a craft store. Pin the yellow feather boa down the center of the sweatshirt. Pin the rest of the sweatshirt with white feather boas across the back, front and sleeves. Purchase white stretch gloves and add extra feathers to the top of each glove using hot glue.

CHICKEN LEGS: For the chicken legs, purchase golden yellow tights and gold Soffe shorts.

CHICKEN FEET: For the chicken feet, stuff a pair of dish-washing gloves with newspaper, carefully filling each finger. Spray paint the gloves a golden yellow color. I used white shoes my daughter already had and pinned the stuffed, painted dish-washing gloves to each shoe.

CHICKEN HEAD: Start with a plain white knit c ap.Cut out the comb template on a white sheet of paper, then cut two of these from red felt. Pin the felt pieces together and stuff with fill. Hand stitch the two pieces of felt together. This is the only sewing completed in this project. Pin white feather boas around the hat and comb. I could not find a golden yellow visor to match so I purchased a piece of golden yellow foam and cut a visor to shape for the chicken’s beak. Hot glue the foam to the underside of the cap. For the eyes, hot glue two styrofoam balls to the hat. Then, glue a big googly eye to each ball.

To complete the homemade chicken Halloween costume, have your child carry a KFC chicken bucket while trick or treating to gather candy in.

TIPS: Pin the inner t-shirt to the sweatshirt, pinning only the bottom of the t-shirt to the center inside of the sweatshirt. I originally pinned the bottom of the t-shirt to the bottom
of the sweatshirt and after stuffing the two, the sweatshirt pulled up quite a bit and didn’t sit beneath her waist as I wanted.

Purchase feather boas on sale or use a weekly 40% off coupon at local craft stores (Michaels / Hobby Lobby).

Carefully pin the feather boas to the sweatshirt only (not inner fill or t-shirt).

Pin Feather Boas to Sweatshirt

Stuff and Paint Rubber Gloves

Stuff Inner Sweatshirt for Extra Fuff

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