Camp Crystal Lake Counselors and Jason Voorhees Group Costume

Another year at work, our group went as counselors from Camp Crystal Lake and Jason Voorhees. We found a website where you can design and print out your own iron-on decals. So we made ones for Camp Crystal Lake and ironed them onto plain white tee shirts. We wore khaki pants, and bought whistles wear around our necks. Then we bloodied ourselves up a bit with fake blood made from kyro syrup and red food coloring.

Jason had this costume already from a past Halloween so that part was easy. Group costumes, especially at work can be so much fun. We had fun with this too, letting Jason chase us around and scare us. We worked together for about ten years, and always tried to come up with something to do as a group. This is a simple and fun group costume that is classic Halloween, inexpensive, and easy to put together.