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Broken Ventriloquist Puppet Costume

My daughter never wants to dress in the norm for Halloween. She has been like that since she was 5. I never got to dress her up as a princess. She says “Halloween is about being scary, not about being cute.” She felt that way when she was five and still feels the same way today. Every year since then, she decides on what she wants to be and then I have to think creatively about how I am going to execute it! It can be a hard task. :)

My daughter’s favorite holiday is Halloween, not because of the reason most kids like Halloween, the candy. She loves Halloween because she thinks all year long about what she wants to be and can’t wait to have her face painted up for everyone to see.

Before this Halloween hit she decided that she was going to be a puppet, and not any puppet; a ventriloquist. When trying to search for costumes, nothing was out there for me to just purchase and be done. I had to head to the mall and piece each item together . The red bow was actually a hair bow that we clipped to her shirt. And every store I went to did not have white button ups for girls. I was about to give up until I noticed a plain white button up in the boys section. Painting her face was a challenge as well, as she is only 9 years old and has a sensitive skin. I used the tube cream face paint for the white under the eyes, the teeth and black for the mouth- I do not recommend using non smudge on a child as it itches and can bother their skin. For the outlines, broken forehead, eyebrows and freckles I used my black eyeliner as it helps make the lines cleaner. For the lips I used both fake blood and a red lipstick that I owned and mixed and applied. The fake blood gave it the red color I was looking for. The makeup took me a little less than 45 minutes to do.

Before heading out in the cold to trick or treat (Chicago weather) I took this picture right by the front door. With the sunlight coming in, it was the perfect setting. My daughter, as all kids normally do, asked to see the picture I just took. She looked at this picture and said, “Wow, I look so real!” I laughed and replied, “You mean you look so fake!” I have posted this picture on Facebook and the responses and the hundreds of likes show the appreciation of how my daughter and her costume ideas are a big hit and I get over quickly that she never wants to be a princess. Our friends and family always look forward to see what she is going to be each year for Halloween. It’s a good feeling as a mom to always put a smile on her daughter’s face and accomplish what she wants to be every year.

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