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Coolest Wii Remote Halloween Costume

For this costume you’ll need:

$13 piece of large foam board from frame shop (have them cut–see below)
Two 20” x 30” foam boards from office store or variety store ($2.75 each)
Foam (sponge-type) from foam or craft store (for buttons)
$1.20 white spray paint for sides of buttons (if your sponge foam isn’t already white)
Grey spray paint for cord in back
3” x 5” plain white index cards for top of buttons or manila folders
Rubber cement for glueing on words from craft or variety store (white glue will wrinkle)
$2.49/yd. oyster color belting strap from sewing store (they measure/cut for you) measuring 1.5” in width, 54” in length
White string from hardware or variety store
Blue color sample, free from paint store
Clear, plastic container for “A” button
Two 15” x 2” pieces of wood
White duct tape or heavy duty tape (for taping wood onto foam board to rest on shoulders)
Circle stencil/templates with 2” and 1 3/4” circles (office store)
Square stencil/template with half inch square (optional–can make your own square)
$2.99 craft razor knife or hardware knife (craft or variety stores)
Hot glue gun from craft store (optional–glues faster and better than others but not necessary)
Computer for printed words and numbers

Purchased large foam board at a frame shop and they cut it into 47” x 14” pieces for me. I recommend having them cut it because it will be a sharper, cleaner, precise cut. Used the rounded corners of our mouse pad to guide me for rounding the corners of the Wii. Used scissors for cutting.

Sides of Wii are 33” x 14” and foam board can be purchased at an office store.

Cut “T” button with scissors.

+ and – buttons are 1 3/4” in diameter. Power button is 2” diameter. For the Power button, I enlarged the button on a photocopier and then traced it and colored it red. I cut out foam board for the Power and Home buttons since they are more recessed than the other buttons. The one and two buttons are 2 1/4”

“A” button is 4” in diameter. For the clear plastic “A” button, I was at an office supply store and found a container of yellow highlighters and asked the clerk if I could have the clear container, which she gave to me. The “A” button is the bottom of the container.

For Home button, found a sample blue color from a paint store. Enlarged photo of house and traced onto blue and then cut with scissors and razor knife. Glued onto 2 pieces of white index card; glued onto sponge piece. The reason for index card is that kids will push the buttons and something stronger than just a piece of paper is needed.

Printed the words and button numbers off PageMaker 7.0 program in the appropriate grey color. Rounded the corners of the Wii letters.

Used our photocopying machine to copy the speaker holes into an enlarged version. Then used stencil holes to draw with permanent black marker onto the foam board.

Used square stencil to draw half-inch squares at bottom. Draw squares 1 1/4 inches apart.

Used permanent black marker to draw circles on the foam board before gluing on buttons. Black marker should be about 1/8” larger than button. This adds dimension to the button so it looks like a real button (look at a real Wii remote and see the black around the button).

For cord in back, spray painted grey. Cut sponge foam into shapes and spray painted grey; glued onto cord with hot glue gun. Used clear packing tape to tape cord to Wii. Glue white string to foam and attach to large foam board in the same manner as on the real Wii remote.

To hold up the Wii on shoulders: Glue sponge foam onto pieces of wood. Spray paint wood pieces white if preferred and place pieces of wood in between foam boards and attach them to the board with white duct tape or strong tape.

Spacing from top of foam board: top of Power button should be 1” down; top of “A” button should be 12” down; Home button: 22.25” down; number 1 button, 34.25” down; #2 button, 38.5” down.

Wii Remote Costume

Wii Remote Costume

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