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Braveheart’s William Wallace and Murron Couple Costume

San Antonio hosts a zombie walk every year and this year my boyfriend and I decided to go as the star crossed lovers from the movie Braveheart. Just as zombies. For my boyfriend’s William Wallace costume, I took an old kilt my great grandmother had made my grandfather but could no longer fit any of the males on my side as William Wallace’s kilt. William Wallace’s brown shirt was just a long sleeved brown half button down that was lying in the back of my boyfriend’s closet.

For the final “zombiefied” William Wallace look I traced a premade plastic gut wrap around piece from Spirit over the shirt then cut a whole wide enough to fit. The plastic gut I then repainted to look more realistic and covered the whole area in fake blood. For the tunic in the pre-zombification photo I found a gladiator felt breast plate at a Halloween closeout store for a few bucks but it ended up being to big so we ditched it for the final look.

For the sash I couldn’t find the matching scarf that went with the kilt so I cut up a Christmas plaid table cloth into strips one for me and one for him that I then held down with a safety pin. I gave him a “Conan” wig which to me looked exactly like the half braided hair style Mel Gibson had in the movie then painted his face with a half mixture of Smurf light blue face paint and the generic blue face paint found at Walmart and Party City.

Murron was pretty easy. I had an old costume dress, attached some lace sleeves from another old shirt and pinned the other table cloth scarf down for the tartan scarf she wears when she is killed. I then attached a latex neck gash and covered it with makeup and fake blood.

Braveheart's William Wallace and Murron Couple Costume

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