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Coolest Homemade Bravehearts Army Group Costume

This was a great homemade Bravehearts army group costume. My family, my husband’s family and my brother in-laws family all dressed up as Bravehearts Army a few years ago. It was great walking into the pub looking ready for battle. There ended up being quite a few of us as well. The best part was that everyone made their own costume in their own unique way.

For my costume I found an old kilt style skirt at Value-Village for my bottom. I used an over-sized off-white mans shirt and did the buttons up randomly and tied bits here and there. I also wore a tan tank-top underneath so I wasn’t accidentally exposing myself. I used some big-brown leather belts around my waist. This helped hold the shirt on, and acted as a holder for me sword.

I also used a bit of left over fabric from the bottom of a different kilt over my shoulder. I had some wool and swede boots by Hush Puppies, but anything big and clunky looks great. We both used some big, (really itchy) socks we found at Marks Work Warehouse. We also both used weapons found at Value-Village, but you could easily make some with cardboard. I used a little brown leather purse and tied it around my waist for a sporran.

My husband’s outfit took quite a bit more work. He found old leather jackets from second hand stores and a vest. He than cut up the jackets in to rectangles and squares and riveted them on to the vest. This was by far the more authentic looking. He wore a tight brown long-sleeve shirt underneath. His kilt was made of some cheap fabric we bought at Walmart. To fold and put the kilt on we looked it up on the internet. The best site we found was this one… but there are many that can help you with this. He wore his work boots because there weren’t any others for him to wear. Oh and for you guys trying this one – don’t shave, it looks better for this homemade Bravehearts army group costume.

Than we messed up our hair, painted our face blue and white and added some tattoos to our arms. Oh and don’t forget to get your angry warrior face on once and a while.

Homemade Bravehearts Army Group Costume

Homemade Bravehearts Army Group Costume

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