I got an idea when I saw a picture of a desaturated Santa costume. It really stood out against all the regular colored Santa outfits. So I thought, Halloween is so full of colorful costumes, it may have the same effect. Although I did like the look, I did not like the costume theme. So after looking for black and white themed movies, I came across Pleasantville. I decided that was my goal.

I did not make the clothes but after searching for some time at different thrift stores, I was able to find the clothing needed. I used black and white and gray shades to pull the look off.

My hair is black so I did not need to color my hair. I did some research on vintage hairstyles on youtube for the style of my hair.

For the color of our faces and his hair, I used my cell phone camera set it on to the black and white effect to mix the right color. I used non-toxic acrylic paints in gray with black and white mixed with some makeup foundation until I got the right shade. To make sure it was the right shade I mixed the gray with the foundation held the camera up to our faces and brushed it on. If the color showed on the camera I would add white or black to the gray until it matched the shade of the camera exactly. So it didn’t look like I was brushing on makeup at all looking through the camera.

The paint dries so you don’t have to worry about it rubbing off unless you get it really wet. My lip color did start to rub off from drinking but the rest stayed on well into the night. It all came off with soap and water.

Our costumes were a hit at the party and we got a lot of compliments.