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Baby Nacho Libre Costume – Need I Say More?

“Oh my gosh, it’s Nacho Libre!!” was the sound echoing all throughout the office as I walked around with my little luchador on his first Halloween.  He had his own paparazzi the whole time, making it a bit difficult for me…I mean him to go trick-or-treating. Jack Black would be jealous.

Creating his costume was almost as fun as the reaction we got! For the shoes I laced up some red socks using white yarn. I didn’t really have a method, just kind of laced them back and forth so the outside looked good. Real Good. The stretchy pants were dyed using Aquamarine Rit dye and little girl tights. Because it’s such a small piece of fabric I used the stovetop method (found on Rit’s website). Originally I poured too much dye in and created a dark blue. Luckily I had some extra light pink tights that worked just as well as the white. You’d never know! For the red patches, I glued on some red fabric. Any glue should do the trick!

I had the great idea of using red tights for the underwear by cutting the leg pieces off. Unfortunately I got a bit carried away and cut off too much…Nacho doesn’t need a red thong after all. (We don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea. Like maybe he’s a floozy or something.) Soooo I ended up using a red onesie, cut just above the belly button and finished off with some elastic hemmed on.  An alternate to hemming? Tuck the extra fabric into the top of the tights. Fantastic! The cape is a red piece of fabric with some thin pieces sewn onto the end to tie around baby Nacho’s neck. An obvious pointer…make sure to tie it loosely and keep an eye on it!

For the mask I dyed a white hat in the same pot as the tights. I cut out some ear pieces using scraps from the cape fabric. Once again these were just glued onto the hat. For the eye mask. I cut out the shape from  an empty corn dog box (what? It’s the perfect thickness!) and glued some red fabric on. This could also be painted, or better yet, cut out from some red cardstock! The eye mask was sewn onto the hat, both on the top and sides of the mask.

To finish off my little man, I penciled on a little mustache using black eyeliner. Looking back this maybe wasn’t the wisest thing to do, since my liitle guy is all about sucking on his fingers. However! He survived the extra flavors, and will surely someday look back and say “Nachooooooooo!”

Baby Nacho Libre Costume - Need I Say More?

Baby Nacho Libre Costume - Need I Say More?

Baby Nacho Libre Costume - Need I Say More?

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