Awesome Star Wars Death Star Costume

This is the Death Star. It is not yet fully operational. She was built from a papier mached large beach ball. I let it sit and dry for about a week and then I cut the balloon out and spray painted the outside. I took crazy foam paper and spray painted it a darker color to give a more 3D effect. I spray painted a plastic bowl and cut a whole in the Death Star and painted green laser beams on it. On top of my head is the Millenium Falcon which I assembled and stuck on top of a flat hat.

In order to keep the Death Star up I used hot glue and straps, but it was still difficult to use the bathroom as you can imagine. It took me about 1 month to get this look finished. I have never been more proud of an art project in my life. I have never felt more famous than going out in Boston with this costume on.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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