Awesome Frankenstein Costume for a Boy

I created this Frankenstein costume for my son Faisal from scratch. He needed a character from a book for the book week. I bought a leather fabric which is used for the car seats. I then sewed the jacket and glued the extra fabric on an old trousers using the hot glue gun. the small circle metals on the trousers are wooden board pins which I cut the sharp end and glued the circular part on the trousers. Using some household items I have at home such as sink drain covers and any extra hose and metals I sewed them on the Jacket and the trousers. Don’t only use glue as these are quite heavy and needed to be attached properly. I also used extra shower curtains hooks and attached them to the trousers.

For the head, I cut the from a paper shopping bag and attached a green fabric to it using normal glue. I then print a Frankenstein face and stick it. For the hair I cut an old beard I once purchased for the Halloween and add some hair as eyebrows too. A printable scar was used and other made out of threads. Attaching what’s remaining from the screws and metals…Don’t forget the significant Frankenstein ears. I stuck some copper glands and added some plastic parts as well.

The gloves are sponge covered with black fabric and the nails are plastic parts I found in my basement and wrapped them up with golden foil. Again, I attached some metals I found and stored for years without being used.

The shoes are made from two empty tissue paper boxes cut at the bottom and covered with black cardboard. And voila Frankenstein was ready. It was a hit at the school this morning…My son and everyone enjoyed it….

Awesome Frankenstein Costume for a Boy

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