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A Colorful Extravaganza: Crafting the Ultimate Crayola 64 Crayons Costume

Halloween, for me, is a time to unleash my creativity and have fun dressing up in unique and eye-catching costumes. Since high school, I’ve been designing and making my own costumes, not only to save money but also to reap the compliments that come with putting in the extra effort. This year, I decided to bring a blast of childhood nostalgia to life by transforming myself into a giant box of Crayola 64 crayons.

Crafting the Crayons

To recreate the familiar 64-crayon box and all its colorful inhabitants, I gathered the following materials:

  • Cardstock (three different packs, including two shades of green 12×12 cardstock for the box’s green accents)
  • Metallic cardstock (silver and gold)
  • Four yellow poster boards (purchased from Dollar Tree)
  • Printer
  • A rectangular box (I used one from Aldi)
  • Green burlap ribbon (to match the box)
  • Duct tape
  • Hot glue gun
  • Double-sided tape

Using a box of 64 Crayola crayons as a reference, I designed the crayon wrappers by printing out the Crayola logo and the curvy border on different colors of cardstock. I also included the names of the colors on each wrapper. I printed out four sets of wrappers per sheet and cut them individually.

Next, I rolled up the cardstock wrappers and used the crayons as a reference to make the outer part using more cardstock. I then formed mini cones for the crayon tips. For the gold and silver crayons, I used metallic cardstock. Finally, I hot glued everything together to create the individual crayons.

Designing the Crayon Box

For the crayon box design, I started with a rectangular box from Aldi and covered it with yellow poster boards. For the green accents, I used two shades of green 12×12 cardstock. I printed out the Crayola logo and the “64 Crayon Colors” text and used double-sided tape to adhere them to the box. I also added an enlarged image of “Tip” on the front using a website to divide the image into three different parts. For the back, I printed out an image of the crayon box, a box of text, and the sharpener. To complete the look, I used Posca paint pens to add finishing touches to the box.

Assembling the Costume

I carefully glued the crayons behind the box in four rows of sixteen. To comfortably carry the costume around, I attached green burlap ribbon, matching the green accents on the box, to the back of the box and draped it over my shoulders. I secured the ribbon on both sides with duct tape.

Completing the Crayola Look

To complement the colorful costume, I opted for additional Crayola-themed attire. I purchased a bright rainbow-colored shirt from SHEIN for $8 and colorful socks for $9 on Amazon. Instead of wearing a wig, I incorporated braiding hair extensions I already owned to add pops of color to my hair. I used two hair ties and clear hair elastics to create the extensions and easily attach them to my hair. To round off the look, I found a pencil pouch from Dollar Tree with the Crayola logo on it, an ideal accessory for carrying essentials during Halloween festivities.

A Budget-Friendly Masterpiece

This DIY Crayola 64 crayons costume not only turned out to be budget-friendly but also allowed me to have a blast unleashing my creativity and crafting a unique and eye-catching ensemble. I’m thrilled with the outcome, and I can’t wait to show it off at upcoming Halloween events!

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