It all started 5 years ago when I heard on the radio there was free dance instruction for the Michael Jackson “Thriller” and they were participating in the Guinness Book of World Record for the most dancers doing the thriller dance simultaneously at the same time around the world. I wanted in and that is when I got hooked and participated every year.

So I had this old wedding dress sitting in my closet and decided to be the dead bride zombie. I put it on so we could know what to cut and shred so not to show areas I didn’t want showing. So we went to town on cutting the one sleeve off and shortening the dress by shredding it upward with a few holes here and there. Then we splashed on some red and brown paint and while wet we rolled the dress in dirt/leaves to give the dirty grave look. I added some leaves to my black and silver wig also. Gathered up some makeup of various colors of the bruise effect and found the topper to the costume. Zombie eyes from the internet. Got some latex and some toilet paper and went to town gluing up my arms neck and face creating sores.

After ripping up my “skin” I added the effects of bruising and some zombie teeth along with my favorite those zombie eyes. Our local radio station now keeps up with us and plays our music for our performance along with our local news where this photo was captured. The hardest thing was when parents were shoving their kids on me to take my photograph. They were just terrified and I couldn’t talk with my teeth. But the best thing was being able to perform at the old penitentiary and various flash mobs. The attention is priceless and I enjoy putting it on every year.