People could not stop laughing at us, they loved our costumes this year! We had a few who were skeptical about my idea and said it wasn’t a good one, but not many people get our sense of humor so I decided to follow through with it. I’m so glad I did! People were so amazed at how close we looked like the actual characters.

My husband, myself, and my 5 month old boy decided to become movie characters from Napoleon Dynamite. It’s a silly movie, and one you’d have to watch a couple of times for it to be funny, but it cracked me up the first time I watched it!

My husband was Napoleon, and I made his shirt with my iron on vinyl from my silhouette and colored the sleeves and neck with a sharpie and found the wig and glasses on eBay for $8 total. He had the boots from his work and pants already laying around.

My son was Kip Dynamite, and his polo and pants were bought at goodwill for $6 total, and I cut the pants to make shorts. I also cut tiny belt loops since the pants did not have any built in. We already had his glasses which were baby aviators that we took the lens out of, we got his mustache pacifier from his baby shower, I made his belt from one of my own, I hand made his sign and tied yarn to it, and we already had his socks and shoes so his outfit cost us $6.

I was Grandma, and my wig was bought on eBay for $8. I had the yellow shirt, jeans already, and white shoes. So our family costume cost us a total of $20 and we had so much fun being the Dynamite Family for our baby’s very first Halloween!